How does my UI look so far?

I have a shop gui, What are you guys’ thoughts? What should I add?
robloxapp-20231015-1952076.wmv (677.3 KB)


First of all, try to add your video as a YouTube link rather than a downloadable file, it’s easier to see and more trustable, meaning more people will see it and give their feedback on it.

Now onto the GUI:

  • I like how it’s organized so far, but to make it look a bit more full and interesting you could add different categories depending on what your game has to offer (a currency shop section, a pet section, a perk section, a weapon section, a gamepass section, etc.)
  • You could add a frame behind the “Shop” text since both the text and the emojis kinda blend in, and by adding a frame you’d be achieving a much greater amount of visual contrast.
  • Also just as a heads up, try to keep the style consistent. On one hand, you have this flat-colored pair of shopping cart emojis and text, and on the other, you have this very rendered and shaded “close” icon. Since there aren’t many elements as of now it doesn’t really clash that much, but as you add more and more stuff, try to have them all fit the same shapes and style of coloring.

Overall it looks good but there’s definitely room for improvement, good luck! :wink: