How Does my Updated Lobby Look?

What is displacement again? Not really sure what it is…

Not making everything neat but putting it in different positions to give it a more nature look

how do you do displacement. The mountains were mesh and not regular terrain.

Make some really small, make some big, change the width of some, rotate some of the mountains so you have different angles. This is what I mean by displacement. In nature for example you don’t see all perfect trees no you see small, big, medium trees and you see some trees growing in different ways.

oh so like unqiue aspects between each and very mountain?

Hey there,

I absolutely like the building however you can add blur effects and change the game lighting to make it better and you’ll the meshes will be smooth! Else, adding trees such as palm trees definitely will make it impressive!

Well done!

Here are the pictures of what I mean

Yes thank you for the input! I have already got the lighting, it is just that I disabled it when I was creating this lobby.

Oh ok. That makes a lot, lot more sense now. thanks.

hey hey! I just played the game! pretty fun! one thing I would say is to have someone look over the text gui’s since there’s a couple of spelling errors. Pretty fun though!

How did you play the game? Send me the link because the game should not be public…

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OH, that one. That game was like a test, to test my scripting knowledge. I plan to rewrite most of the code inside and make it a little better. :slight_smile: (thanks for playing btw)

No problem! it was a fun take on a story piggy game!

I like the planning that you wanted it to be in a dungeon,But the modern doesn’t fell right with the medieval stuff.
You could switch it into some contaminant prison thing idk its up to you.

Which modern aspect are you referring to? I do not have plan to use modern with the dungeon style that I am going for.

ok! that sounds great.I was just referring to like modern stuff like a contaminant thing
or a evil prison.OR its some old dungeon catacomb deep underground?

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the mountains can be moved back to expose the buildings that would make it nicer

Ok, that sounds great. Thank you!

Since it’s a city theme you could always use “fake buildings”/building facades instead of mountains.

Example of what I mean; The checkered buildings aren’t fully designed but you can see the use case; they aren’t accessible but break up the skyline. You could do something similar to breakup the skyline behind the shorter buildings, like the shop.

I’m thinking you could do also something similar to this by having simple, inaccessible houses with closed doors to maintain your city aesthetic but also cutoff player access. Then they could connect to any buildings you want actually accessible. Something like if the bank was left accessible in this pic, but if you had closed doors on the other buildings.

Finally, why not put the hills on the outside and make them bigger. So as a player, from the perspective of the third picture it would look like this:

Floor/ground, buildings, backdrop mountains, and finally sky. This would give you a really nice layered effect potentially.