How Does my Updated Lobby Look?

Here are some screenshots of improvements I had added to the lobby from my previous post. What do you think about this? [this lobby is just temporary as I just need a starting point for my game and go from there :slight_smile: )


cool, but the borders… like its a grass rocks, but in a city? or remove the buildings and put big mountains or change the border


Those are mountains. Since I am not a great builder what so ever, I had to go with that. For now, this entire lobby is temporary and will be destroyed soon.

ok, good luck on getting a popular game!

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

also about what is your game :smirk:

My game is a story game. Most part of the story is in a dungeon where players try to escape, fight bosses and a lot of more fun features. I only got the loading screen, logo, thumbnail and lobby finished and still have lots to go.

nice idea for a story game! :100:

Its all good but i think you should fill the gaps other than that it is perfect :+1:

thank you very much! very appericated! :slight_smile:

Remove the grass boarder and just use the building as a boarder and the plastic buildings do not fit with the concrete and cobblestone ground. The road ends before you go into the tunnel, theres a building in the tunnel, and the buses look poorly made.

Thank you for your feedback. Maybe if you did not see in the post, this is just a temporary thing. This is definitely not the final product.

if the actual story is a dungeon, i feel like you should do a medivel lobby, or the lobby be a cave or something.

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I’m loving the detail even outside of the lobby. Its a good lobby. From the look of it its ether a school game or a story game. Cool lobby though. :+1:

Yeah that is exactly what I had in mind. Planning to sketch out my ideas or look for some inspirations the build the final model.

thanks for the feedback. This is a story game btw :slight_smile:

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Yea, I certainly thought so lol. Its a nice lobby try to add some sun rays or something though that may make it look a little more realistic. Or even of you don’t want realism it will add a little more character.

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I like the build but here are some problems with it you need to make the road markings small because they are way too big, The mountains should be moved behind the buildings, I would fix the buses because they do look weird from my point of view, You should add names for the buildings like hotels, motel, Fast food names and so on, the shop could be fixed by adding some windows and that neon sign can have some text on it. I hope this helps and good luck with your game.

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thank you. All this feedback helps and yes I will be changing most parts in this lobby :slight_smile:

One more thing I forgot to say when placing the mountains make sure to add displacement