How does one improve at game design?

Hey y’all!

Just like many of you, I am making a game. Right now, I am going through a process of planning and coming up with ideas. Though I have some, I always see myself bumping into many walls! I want to create a great game and, for that, I need a solid basis.

Many of my concerns come from me not being able to play a version of the game with one idea and compare it to another. I can not picture, between different options, which will work better in the long run.

I am looking for any advice at improving at game design. If you also have the availability to help me through private messages, I would greatly appreciate it.
Thanks for reading!


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One thing I recommend is playing types of games that you’re interested in making and taking note of the aspects you like/dont like (keep it simple). I’m trying to make an RPG, and after playing so many I know what (mechanic/features) I hate about RPGs and love about them.


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Hello MrAfoba! I have the same exact problem, but recently I have gotten better.

Tip 1. Look here: Learn Roblox

(You will find things like Keycodes which is very helpful)

Tip 2. When you run into an issue like that, try to post the scripting problems you had (or whatever problem you are having) Maybe take a break and come back to it

Tip 3. When running into problems that you can’t solve, try to start with something easy, or remake other games to get better at your scripting (just don’t publish them)

I hope these helped you!



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Unfortunetly, there are not many of this genre (roguelite) on Roblox, guess I will have to waste some bucks, huh? Even then, I was planning on putting a slight twist (only bosses)…

Fortunetly, I do fairly well scripting! On the other hand, I am having problems with Game Design, not scripting. That is what I am looking to improve! Thanks for answering, nevertheless!

Ah, Ok! Sorry about that.

I hope you do well with future games!

Thanks, good luck on your own projects!

Game design is a lot like making a casino, you want something that will bring the player back. it doesn’t always have to be about winning, sometimes an open world sandbox for people to see each others work. Sometimes playing with friends to complete a task keeps players coming back because of the social aspect of teamwork. Almost all long living games have this aspect.