How does one include emojis in post titles?

Ok, ok. i’m tired of people taunting me with their emojis in post titles and refusal to say how they did it.

I have a simple question, and I need an answer.

How does one include an emoji in their post title?

I also used the search bar like 4-5 times before making this post but it sounds like a common enough question that I might of missed something, if I did the oops, at least I can say I used the search bar

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There’s a website that allows you to copy and paste emojis, which I’m sure is how people include emojis in titles.


On windows:
Right click > Emoji > Insert

On macOS: N/A

On iOS: Keyboard > Emoji > Insert

On Android: Probably same as iOS, other than that, N/A

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Just search up any emoji, copy it, then paste it into your title with Control + V or Right Click → Paste. Notice the “Copy” button that automatically copies the emoji to your clipboard.

Emojipedia is usually what comes up first:


Haha, fine I’ll tell you how I did it, but I wouldn’t reccomend doing it since it can be considered unprofessional.

While Discourse has a setting to limit the number of emojis in a title
The detection system isn’t 100% perfect

Take this for example:

Anyway, here’s the answer to your question:

  • When adding an emoji at the start of your title, add a space between the emoji and the following text
  • Emojis not at the start of the title don’t need spaces between the emoji and text, but the emoji will look inconsistent (can be observed in the photo above)
  • When adding more emojis than the limit, simply don’t add a space between the emoji and the text around it (like in the photo above)

Here’s the raw title from above

Can :kissing_heart: I get feedback on this? :kissing_heart:


It’s actually much easier to do, just rightclick in the title window and there will be an emoji button:

P.S: On Windows you can press Windows + . to open the emoji menu, just a quick and easy shortcut.

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Do not use emoji in your topic titles. This is difficult for users to read, looks like spam, and is very unprofessional. We will be removing them if they appear.


Also it can hurt searchability because the emoji would be needed for those topics to appear in search results I think.

Don’t be a killjoy :frowning:

As soon as I learn how to do it you say we can’t do it :frowning:

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We’ve disallowed this by default for a reason. You never could.


You can if you follow the steps wevetments said by messing with spaces, however he did say it was abusing discourse’s filtering systems.

This is a Discourse bug.