How does one remove 'backspace to drop' from tools?

Hello! I am currently trying to make a custom hotbar and backpack system, however, whenever you press backspace whilst holding a tool, the tool goes into your backpack. I want to disable this (so hitting backspace does nothing). Does anyone have any ideas for how to accomplish this?

Ty in advance,

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turn off the “CanBeDropped” property of the tool.

That’s not the issue. I want to make it so backspace does nothing. If ‘can be dropped’ is off, the tool just goes into your backpack

Well, make a remote event to equip the tool and have a local script fire it when backspace is pressed when the tool is equipped.

i don’t think that’s a good idea because exploiters could delete the local script
and break the game, i recommend better using a custom backpack system using
welds instead of tools.

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Yeah that’s what I thought about doing. I was just wondering if there was a simpler way

That would still play the dropping animation, which I also want to avoid.

that’s the best way to evict binding keys to tools
here is an example of another person with the same problems
and has welding as an answer:

I don’t think that’s possible since backspace behaviour on tools are hardcoded into the game as far as I know.

Yeah that’s why I am using welds

I’ve made this script to reparent the tool back to the character of the player.

Sadly this won’t really “unbind” the backspace key

But I hope it helps out :d

local players = game:GetService("Players")

function listen(player, char)
		if child:IsA("Tool") then
			child.Parent = char

		listen(player, char)