How does PluginManager():ExportSelection() work?

As said by the title I want to know how PluginManager():ExportSelection() works

First off I know that when using this it will export a certain something, but how do I access PluginManager()? I looked and its not a service, its not just a value you can access, its not a value of plugin so what is it? How do I get access to it?


The document for it says it was replaced i think. But I dont know what it was replaced with!

yeah i saw it someone used it in MIDI sound loader plugin

basicially for reading data from files saved on your PC (it will open up explorer and ask you to select a file)

yes but how do I do it? Im trying to figure it out but im not getting any where

i dont know

but i remember i saw it in some random plugin on toolbox

The documentation said it was superseded by the plugin variable. Although I can’t find it anywhere else than PluginManager documentation. I would suggest taking a look at open-source code that uses ExportSelection() in some way.

Good idea! But news I still cant find any if you see any tell me!