How does roblox characters not bounce (without using custom physics properties)

When making custom characters, I encountered a problem, where when the character was to jump, it would bounce for a bit. This could be easily fixed by changing the “Density” options in the “Custom Physics Properties” tab for whatever part of the character has collision and is used to interact with the ground.
However, normal roblox characters (as in our avatars), no matter rthro, r6, nor r15 bounces, and non of them even have “Custom Physics Properties” turned on.

I have not been able to find a different between them and my custom characters, and they do still seem to bounce, but only when dropped from way higher then custom characters. Is this simply because of the smaller size of my character, or is there something I’m missing?

Weld a part to your character that has density.

Weld? but there aint no weld in the roblox character? only motor 6d
Also even if I set ALL parts of the roblox character to massless it still doesn’t bounce.
It only bouncecs if I remove the legs, nothing else works

I’ve experienced a similar issue as well, apparently increasing the HipHeight of the Humanoid in the Custom Character has eliminated the bounciness. Maybe that could work for you?

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