How does Roblox's Marketplace Fee work?

I’m simply looking for and explanation of Roblox’s marketplace fee, as well as how the system calculates your earnings each time a product is bought.
Looking for answers for both normal purchases (30% fee) and purchases through foreign games (40% fee, such as PLS DONATE)

I’m confused to how Roblox calculates the earnings because of the following:

3 robux gamepass bought under normal circumstances: user should earn 2$

3*0.7 = 2.1
2.1 floored is 2

3 robux gamepass bought in other games: user should earn 1$

1.8 floored is 1, however, the user still earns 2.

My first guess was that instead of flooring, the game would round the number. But then, when a user sells a gamepass for 1 robux, instead of earning 1, they earn 0.

0.7 rounded is 1 but user earns 0 for some reason.

0.6 rounded is 1, but user earns 0 for some reason.
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This belongs in #help-and-feedback:game-design-support.

As for your actual question, I’m not sure what to answer except that Roblox takes a fee from purchases. A 30% fee would be a 0.3 * total fee, leaving you with 0.7 * total.

Oops! My bad! I just changed it. Thanks for letting me know!

Yea it’s kinda wonky. I think maybe 1 robux gamepasses are only exceptions, while other ones would just be rounded.