How does starscape release an update to the 1000's of separate planet games?

If you don’t know starscape is a game with 1000’s of separate places. So how come when theres an update all the 1000’s of separate places are updated with it. For sure Zolar Keth isnt going in there and updating each place 1 by 1. So how does he do it?

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I don’t really know what starscape is so I can’t understand what you fully mean but I’m guessing MessagingService was used
MessagingService lets you send data across all servers and even places under the same game

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Keth is just simply too pro, basically a god in scripting

Hey, sorry for bumping this up but seems like there hasn’t been a really concrete answer here you have, Roblox Packages.

It is basically a feature that allows scripts (and other assets probably) to stay synced between games, each time you update a package all the other linked packages will update with the same content, at least when it comes to scripts. If this happens to don’t work with models, try using InsertService.

You could make it so models in your game are directly loaded from the library instead of loading them from ServerStorage, in this case you will only have to update the library model once.

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I’m pretty sure that isn’t 1000 places, that’s just one place made into 1000s of servers with different settings (it’s seed-based rng). Every time player warps into a system without any players, a new server is created and when all players leave a system, the server is closed. Starscape probably only uses 2 places: one for menu and other one for all the systems

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Well, that’s a pretty high iq move and actually quicker than making lots of places with just roblox packages