How does the 8th annual bloxy awards ship work and how could I remake a similar system?

I’m making a game which requires lots of vehicles like cable cars and trams, and I am wondering how I could make a good system similar to the one shown here:

The things I am specifically interested in are:

  • If the platform uses physics or CFrame to move

  • How the player ‘sticks’ to the platform like it does in the video instead of sliding like it does when using CFrame/TweenService

  • How the smooth transitions and movements of the car work, if it uses a ‘track’ or something else e.g. physics movers.

If anyone has any ideas how it coud work, let me know!


I can’t really tell if the platform is just moving in a straight line, or is it following a curved path?
PrismaticConstraints make good elevators or platform movements. They can be angled to make an elevator travel with a sloped movement path as well.

Constraints are probably your best friend for something like this to keep it simple as far as players sticking to the platform.

I’ve made a platform in one of my games that travels around an arc from a low level to a higher level. It uses HingeConstraints on either end of a long arm for the arc movement, and an AlignOrientation constraint to keep the platform level.

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I’m pretty sure it has a curved movement, which is what mine needs to have.

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Also, I have tried using AlignPosition and AlignOrientation to make the part follow a tweening part, but it doesn’t replicate properly and it doesn’t seem to fully work.

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Are you just tweening the anchored platform, or are you tweening an anchored Part with an unanchored platform welded to it?

I was tweening the anchored platform. I think I have solved the issue now however, by tweening an anchored part connected to an unanchored platform using a RopeConstraint, AlignPosition and AlignOrientation and using a script to set the network owner of the attached unanchored part to the client (it’s a singleplayer game). This however creates a new issue, the player can walk through the walls.

The only thing I need now is a ‘track’ system. I’m thinking of using splines but I’m unsure of how to implement them.

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Have you tried just welding the unanchored (and CanCollide) Parts of the platform to the Anchored tweened Part?
I’m pretty sure unanchored Parts welded to tweened anchored Parts act as a normal physics platform would on the client, especially for a single player game.

Again, I’ve found a method for sticking the player to the platform - though I have changed it since I created the post. All I need now is for a track system to make the vehicle follow a path.