How does the Forming Staff of Wizardry work?

I’m wondering how this staff works in Mansion of Wonder, I have a few ideas but first here’s a video of it:

Now, all the tools showcased in this game are to do with particles, so I’m wondering if they use some kind of particle trick for this. Also, if you zoom in closely you can see a bunch of tiny dots flickering which makes me think that they are in fact particles:

My other idea which I think is less likely but still possible, is that they created it using a bunch of tiny parts and then made them visible based on the magnitude between itself and the origin part, but I’m more steered towards the particle thing, I just have no clue how they did it.

You can test it in mansion of wonder here and hopefully you have a better idea of whats happening than me. Thanks for any ideas you may have.

Edit: Just remembered about an old announcement for procedural particle emitter shapes, it might be something to do with this: New Procedural Particle Emitter Shapes

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Wasn’t the game which has this staff uncopylocked? Really interesting, I will take a look.

It wasn’t uncopylocked, but it’s available as a template in Roblox studio however in the template they remove all the tools unfortunately.

I just remembered about this post and I had some free time to try and make a similar effect as well and I think this is how they did it:

If you’re wondering how I did it, first I created a really small part (size 0.01,0.01,0.01) so that the particles would stay in the same place, then I used a circle image for a particle emitter and set the rate to 100, then I just edited other properties using number sequences to change the size and colour of the particles at certain points.

I noticed that having transparency set to 0.9 makes it look better though. You can have a look at my example if you want:
Forming Ice Cream.rbxm (4.3 KB)

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