How does the roblox animator play out the animation?

When the game is played, how does the animator play the animation? I have a module which converts roblox animator animations to procedural animations but it doesn’t seem to work and I’m wondering how else to move it. The module is here.

I’m a bit confused on this question which animations are you talking about? And what do you mean by “play” the animation?

You can make the animation but when you want to see it in game, you have to play it. What does roblox do to play it? When you write out humanoid:LoadAnimation():Play() what happens behind the scenes? Does it change the body part’s CFrame? Does it change something with the motor6ds?

It is a built-in feature. It doesn’t use roblox studio instances but the coding language that roblox studio is built on. If you are trying to make a moon animator style plugin, then i’m pretty sure it tweens the body parts.

Well, according to roblox dev hub, it’s done with C1’s of Motor6Ds. According to others, it’s done with tweening. Which one do I believe?

C1 is the offset of part1 to part0, roblox tweens the current C1 to the next C1 when going to the next frame. Thats why sometimes animating is a bit weird

Allow me to clear up for you. I apologise for the mishap. Motor6D is like welds, except animatable. However, tweening is basically animating using scripts. Combining both would create an animation, without using the built in features. So if what you’re looking for is a animation module, then combine both.

Thank you for your replies, I’ll try this out and see if it works instead of lerping which doesn’t seem to do any movement. I probably forgot to say this, but the module I’m making is to convert normal roblox animations to procedural animation to make it work in any game or place.

The Roblox Animation Editor is a Lua-based plugin so you could always inspect its source if you’re curious how it’s done. It’s called AnimationClipEditor in your BuiltInPlugins folder. At the heart of it, Keyframes hold Poses so the editor goes through all the keyframes and glides through the poses.

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Thanks for telling me that. I’ll be sure to go over that too. I probably shouldn’t have written this since it’s considered extra.

I’ve tried tweening the motor6D but it results in a weird animation. It should be like this robloxapp-20210926-0829597.wmv (67.8 KB) but instead, it’s like this robloxapp-20210926-0829281.wmv (91.3 KB) .