How Does The Views System Work?

In my opinion, the DevForum is amazing. I do understand that the website isn’t (or probably not much) earning money and therefore, things like the STATS on a person’s profile won’t update fast, which is totally comprehensible and fine to me. Nonetheless, I can’t seems to understand how the Views of a person is working (right above the STATS informations, where it is wrote “Views (number of views”). Therefore, I though that if you write a post or a topic, (this is my first topic, but I looked at other peoples Views) each person who would see your comment would count as a View.

But what I realized is that the system isn’t working this way, I posted a few posts, which received likes (I understand people can just don’t see your post by scrolling too fast, but I usually write in small topics, so if somebody write a new reply, it’s pretty much impossible for them to NOT see my post) and my Views didn’t increased. So I was wondering, how does the Views system actually work? I don’t care about my Views and it’s really not a problem, since views aren’t important and stuff, but I was just wondering, since I’m a curious person and since I didn’t understood it I wanted to know…

Tl;tr : How does the Views system work? (The number of Views of a person on his profile)


It is the profile views not how many people saw your posts.