How does this live event Look?

Hi im Tunnells i have made a live event With terrain. Please give a rating on this Live event scene :smiley:


Its very good! The sky looks amazing! Keep up the good work!


It looks amazing, the tunnel could use dark shadows but overall it’s amazing.

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Looks great, but the trees could use a little more detail. Overall, it looks amazing! :+1:

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Looks great! The style is very appealing. Was just wondering if there was any music that plays during the event? If not, that would be a great addition, some sort of suspenseful music would do wonders. I was also wondering if the player camera shakes during the live event? Seems like that might be another good addition to bring out the atmosphere of the event. Overall, really well made!

It looks really great! The sky compliments the scenery well and the scaling in comparison to the characters seem perfect!

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Yep i got all three of those i had music on the first day of making it and Camera shake im adding i learned how to use remote events fully by my post here

I really dig the sky effect, maybe change the ambient lighting to a purplish color to reflect the environment change?

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It looks good, I hope the purple sky is moving.

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Looks good! 7/10 I’d say.
From that picture I of course don’t know how that explosion goes (if that’s an explosion), but the map and the design overall looks pretty good.
Keep it up!

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It starts of slow then it REALLY GOES FAST

Good idea I used to Show that the spike Is gonna explode.