How does this particle look?

How does this look? I personally think the shockwaves last too long but I’m looking forward to your opinions


Hi. This should be put in creations feedback. It does not feel suitable for being in art design support.

Otherwise, its a meh. Maybe add some sparks to give off the feel and look?

Looks really good. Not sure why there’s a paw print at the end.

its supposed to be for an anime game so thats why

Ooh! A anime game? Count me in!

It looks cool!

The only thing I did notice is that for the strength I feel the explosion seems to have, the shockwave looks too short-ranged. This, of course, unless the scale of the video is different that what it looks like (i.e., unless a Robloxian would be very small compared to the explosion).

Try increasing the range of the explosion if possible, or if it doesn’t look any better, the size of it.

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its supposed to be around the size of 1 and a half robloxians

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That said, I do think increasing the range/size of the explosion would be a valuable change. If not, you could try making the horizontal part of the explosion wider, as explosions like this one usually have that feel of a more horizontal shockwave.

I should also note, though, that what I said is for something maybe more realistic. Since the game is Anime-based, this explosion can actually be ok depending on what character/situation causes it.

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