How does this place with path tracing look?

I have built this kind of office using @filiprodak’s Bakey plugin. How does it look?

POST SCRIPTUM: My PC exploded trying to render this. :skull:




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I am not sure what path tracing is, do you mean raytracing?

Path tracing is tracing rays from the camera to the scene. Although this was made with baked ray traced GI which is not ray or path tracing.

Didn’t know that, thank you for the info. I am really not into lighting that’s why I said the first thing that for me it looked like

PS: I have used this cause apparently Roblox doesn’t support ray tracing in any way.

It’s not ray tracing though. Ray tracing implies that the image, or some part of the lighting is rendered by tracing rays from the camera to light sources (in Realtime in this case). What you’re using is baked lighting. While baked lighting is precomputed with ray tracing, it is then rendered though Rasterization which is the traditional way to render graphics. The plugin you’re using is similar to UE4’s Lightmass or the Hedgehog Engine’s light field technology as they use “probes” to capture light information to then project back onto the scene for the environment and dynamic objects:

Light probes visible in Sonic Unleashed (Hedgehog Engine)

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