How does this UI button look for gamepass purchases?

Hey, I recently made the following UI for this group, this is 1 of the parts of it please, can you give me feed back.


it’s fine , on my opinion it would be better if you add more details for the cash text

Will do thanks. I was planning to make it plain.

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This looks better than anything I could have done.

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lOL thank you very much, I’m sure you would do a great job

In my opinion it looks good and you dont have to change anything.

It looks quite nice and clean but slightly repetitive in terms of colour. Maybe you can make the outer part of the UI yellow and then put 25000 cash in a box which has another colour, blue or red won’t be too bad and then you can make the rest green.

I always recommend this website which gives you great colour selections and colour palettes. It’s called coolors and it will generate random colours which you can use for variation. Not only that, if you have an Iphone, they have an app too, so you can generate colours on the go! Here’s a link: Click here