How effective are 'meme' ads?

Hello! My name is Pignite772 and I’m currently saving up the Robux to advertise a game i’ve been working on for years now, I’m earning some Robux at a faster rate than before and I might be closer to doing so than I expected.

On the Roblox site, I look at ads to see which kind of ads most developers do. Quite a lot of these ads I see are meant to be funny, random and sometimes not really relevant to the game at all.

Here are ads for a popular game, Up For Debate

These ads generally appear on the site for months on end. Surely if they are staying for this long, the developer believes it’s effective, right?

Have any of you tried making a ‘meme’ or ‘funny’ ad? How did it go? I’d love to hear your input.



meme advertisements are theoretically more appealing to the user, because people tend to play games they find funny, like how kids play games that are colorful. if you are making a serious game, this wouldn’t be a good idea since the advertisement would only interest the user by making them laugh or entertaining them, and not the actual game. if you are making an entertaining game, this would most likely entertain the user and more likely they would play longer than if the game was boring. now, this doesn’t mean that serious games always have to be so uptight, i just think that if the user does click on the game and the game depicts the advertisement, the play time might be extended, as opposed to a game that is different than the ad.


everytime i see those type of advertisements i just sigh at how unfunny, unoriginal and uninspired they are, and sometimes when I get curious and click them, they will direct me to one of those unoriginal and cheaply made “military training” games with a player count less than 200 players.

personally speaking, I dont see how an unrelated to the game meme advertisement is going to make a game popular or generate any form clicks. even if the user finds the meme funny they’ll laugh at-most and nothing else (if the advertisement isn’t directly telling the user to join).

I believe an advertisement should represent what the game is about, and not a random meme image unless your game is about memes, even then i highly recommend you to specify that.

what I think is the right way to incorporate memes in advertisements is if the meme itself was related to the game and not a random meme image(also make sure its actually funny, but humour is subjective anyway).

thank you for reading, and i apologize for any grammatical errors i might have made.


I don’t know if they are effective or not because I use three ad blockers, but I can tell you that these memes are extremely unfunny and the only person that would find this hilarious is a 5 year old.


I just saw one when helping test a game.

To be honest, they’re pretty misleading, often leading to games that aren’t even related to the meme. I don’t find them “funny” in a way either.