How effective is Using VSC (Visual Studio Code) in Roblox Studio?

Lately I have been interested in integrating myself more and more in the world of scripting, and I think that a code executor like visual studio code is necessary, but how effective is it?

What I want to achieve is to learn lua through a different code executor than RBLX STUDIO. How could it be Visual Studio Code? The problem is that I don’t know what the effectiveness of the project is, will this program serve in a remarkable way?

Script example made in Visual Code
local Puerta = script.parent.part BrickColor ="Blue") wait(1) BrickColor ="Red") scirpt.parent.CanCollide = true


Roblox Lua is different from Normal Lua (in some but not too many ways)

For example, globals such as Instance and script, aren’t present in vanilla Lua

Too learn Lua through Visual Studio Code, you would have to create a file and give it the .lua extension and use the documentation from the official Lua website .

You could also use Rojo which is a visual studio - roblox studio integrator which basically allows for working on roblox projects through visual studio code

To answer your question however, it shouldn’t really affect your project much (unless you use VSC regularly, which in that case, would help you) but you’d have to install an extension or use a module to make VSC Lua compatible with Luau (Roblox Lua)


By saying different you don’t mean Lua 5.1?

Roblox uses Lua 5.1 but with modifications to it

Why VSC though? I mean you got the normal studio script writer?


ohhhh :neutral_face: i see

I’m not just saying how easy or difficult it is to code lua in this program to learn the language

I meant why go the long path and install and setup a whole new program, when you have everything you need right in front of you?

I think you are right, because I’m just looking for a way to learn more easily

The Real Benefits of VS Code:

  • Always never lose code
  • code offline anytime anywhere
  • and not have to look at objects but scripts only

Well, using VSC has the advantage of studio not crashing and your work doesn’t absolutely vanish. But on a serious note I use VSC in conjunction with Rojo and Roblox LSP - Full Intellisense for Roblox and Luau!

Man above me already said what I wanted to said but to add 1 more thing, I really like using this combo so look into it, if you wanna.

In terms of effectiveness, I’d say it’s pretty nice.


We use VS Code over at BloopVille, it’s a much more mature script editor/ IDE than robloxs built in one and offers plentiful quality of life improvements. It also allows for greater workflow customization from VS Code plugins to Github integration.

My favourite VS Code qol improvements are (in no particular order):

  • Code Snippets
  • Code Jumping
  • Side by Side Code
  • Code Minimap
  • Smart Debugging
  • Variable type tracking

don’t forget multi cursor editing and smart refactoring, and thousands of extension that can make your code editor even better