How exactly do you make a good gun system

Hi everyone

I’m working on improving a gun system in Roblox and I know just saying make it shoot doesn’t cover the whole picture There are so many ways to create a gun system but many of them aren’t efficient or flexible I’ve had my fair share of experiences with gun systems but I’m always looking to get better

If any of you have ideas past experiences or have faced and solved problems with gun systems I’d love to hear from you Specifically I’m interested in

  1. Performance: How do you keep the system running smoothly especially when there’s a lot of action or lag
  2. Flexibility: What’s the best way to make the system adaptable for different types of guns and game scenarios
  3. Realism: How can I make the shooting mechanics feel more realistic with accurate bullet physics and hit detection
  4. Networking: Any tips on keeping things in sync in a multiplayer game so everyone sees the same thing
  5. Troubleshooting: What common problems have you run into and how did you fix them

Your tips and stories would be super helpful so I can avoid common mistakes and make a really solid gun system and again, Thanks a lot for your help


well, from my experience:

  1. Have a module script that stores all the stats of each gun (like max bullets and stuff), then use that module script inside the server-sided code that you use to raycast

  2. Basically what i said above, you will only need 1 remote event and 1 server script, so you can have 100 guns run on the same event + script, because why not!

  3. uhhhh i don’t really have an answer to this one

  4. neither do i have an answer for this one

  5. probably adding spread, can’t really elaborate on it much, but this was a problem for me because i’m bad at calculating stuff (math), if you’re good at math you shouldn’t have a problem with this

this is probably all i could share, i’m not really an advanced programmer, i’d call myself average

feel free to ignore this reply or note down what i said, up to you

thanks i also suck at math a;oihdwaoudhapwodugawd

then you’re bound to have a fun time

For networking, you’ll want your system to work something along the lines of this:

  1. Client input begins.
  2. Client checks if it can shoot (exploiters can bypass this step, but we will check if it’s valid on the server later).
  3. Client shoots and sends result to server.
  4. The server recieves and sanity checks. If the server finds something suspicous (trying to shoot with no ammo), the result should be denied.
  5. Otherwise, go through with the result and replicate it’s effects to other clients.