How Exactly Would I Texture This Car Model?

Hello everyone, it’s me, TheBloxxyHunter and today I have another modeling question. Recently I have taken up a commission where I needed to model and texture a 1960’s police car. The person who commissioned the model wanted it to look as realistic as possible and I already got a nice looking car, it’s just I’m not too experienced with texturing. I am trying to use Blender’s UV texture feature to texture the car but I’ve been pretty confused on how exactly to make a nice, smooth looking texture to go along with the car. I’ve watched many YouTube tutorials on the basics of UV texturing so I already know a little bit about making basic textures. What do you guys think I should do? (For a little more information I am using Blender 2.8 and have access to the paint software Gimp so please keep those things in mind while replying.) Thanks for the advice!

Here is a picture of the car:


The best way to do is to vertex paint with photoshop. It’s the way that most of the textures are being done lately

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If you want a better idea of what I’m working with here’s a photo of the UV map:

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Unwrap it yourself by marking the seams (select edges, Ctrl+E > Mark seam then unwrap, if you didn’t know already) preferably having it flat, not stretched (the color is blue) 0RNnd
and separated by the different colors you want for it. It’s easier to paint on it if the unwrapping is clean and separated by color.