How far can I take Roblox violence in a game while being within TOS?


I know the fact I even have to ask should be a red flag, but I’ve spent a little too long on this side project just to drop it, so I’d rather know now if it’s within TOS before I up and lose my account

Final note: Most development towards the game is not as violent as to was is going to be posted, so there will not be excessive constant violence throughout the game

For the sake of this post i've gone ahead and blurred everything as a spoiler


  • As you could probably tell from the title of this post, I’m trying to figure out if the level of graphic content in my game is at a level unsuited for Roblox, now I know about different age restrictions to various gore/graphic game and their limits, but with the new 17+ games out for use I wanted to make something actually exhilarating and scary on the Roblox platform, so hence I have started production on a grimey horror game.

The following attachment will be of the video demonstration of the intro, this is not finalized nor complete but it has enough of the foundation needed to ask for feedback and support to fixing and keeping this game in motion.



Layer 3
Layer 6



  • As you could probably tell by the video, majority of the gore is hard to make out from all the static, uncomfortable lighting, and the rapid camera movement. but the raw modeling and texturing under normal lighting you can clearly make out everything.

Now From a Roblox moderator standpoint is this within the limits or have I crossed the line of free creativity and imagination? :bat: :interrobang: (I am posting this at 12:59 on a school night during final exams, so I hope this puts in perspective how much I’ve thought this over :joy_cat: )


make the game 17+ or you can make it 13+ and have a toggle for the gore (has to be toggled off by default)

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The gore is too much for roblox.

I don’t believe the level of gore in this game is excessive for Roblox. While some might think Roblox is solely for young children, the platform actually has age guidelines for a reason. In fact, the fastest-growing age group on Roblox is 17 to 24-year-olds. Therefore, it’s unlikely that this game would violate Roblox’s terms of service. For more information, check out Roblox’s blog post on experiences for people 17 and older.

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I meant for 13 years of age. An average roblox game is usually kept at ~13. For that this is too much gore. For 17+ OP can add more because in that case it’s low.

Play bloodful and you’ll see that this probably fine

Impressive but just why…? Why would you want this as a roblox game.

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I get that a gory horror game might seem odd for Roblox but I’m aiming to create a thrilling experience for players who enjoy intense horror. I don’t make games for the money so I truly intend of expanding on niche game concepts such as this one, so I get why some confusion would come about about this very idea but my only goal is to put new experiences out that fill the enjoyment of interested groups. But everything will still follow Roblox’s rules to keep it safe and fun for everyone. Appreciate you sharing your thoughts.

yea, I was just gonna plan on releasing it as 17+ only, but the idea of having to toggle off every gruesome part as an option seems too troublesome and I feel like takes the thrill away from the experience and atmosphere im trying to create.

Yeah well… I mean steam exists? Remember unturned? Well yeah…

What I’m trying to say is that you likely won’t have a great conversion rate since 17+ players are limited and even less so in the horror space.