How far can you go with violence or brutality without breaking the TOS

I was wondering what violence or brutality can you show in a game without it breaking the TOS

Blood, kidnapping, stabbing and so on

This post made on the DevForum might help with your question.

Hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face:

If you come to the point that you question whether something is or is not allowed in a Roblox game, then you probably shouldn’t add it. Roblox is rated as ESRB 10+. Read the following information if you need further help: ESRB Ratings Guides, Categories, Content Descriptors

Think about what your game would be rated if it went through the ESRB. You should strive to go below teen, but anything above teen is 100% not allowed.

That link really doesn’t help, just explains what violence, and all these other content descriptors are

As far as I know:

  • Do not mention real life events (such as 9/11)
  • Do not hang players or show devices that hang players such as gallows
  • Do not mention or reference suicide in your game
  • Do not gas avatars because this is too closely related to the events in WWII

And according to the ESRB, intense violence is:

Graphic and realistic-looking depictions of physical conflict. May involve extreme and/or realistic blood, gore, weapons and depictions of human injury and death

So avoid things like that too

The things that are listed above are usually the reason that most games are banned because of violence.