How fast should hunger and thirst drain in my game?

So I’m making a primarily exploration based game with light survival elements, which includes a system for both hunger and thirst.

How long do you generally think it should take for a player’s hunger to deplete fully (assuming that thirst would be that but around halved)?

I’ve gotten estimates from around 10-60 minutes off-forum, I generally want to give the player time to explore without giving them too much pressure to find food/water.

Also I should clarify that starving/being dehydrated does not kill the player, but rather gives a stat decrease. As well taking into account that food is fairly scarce, water sources aren’t very common but basically provide infinite hydration.

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I guess it depends on a lot of things, but the average play-time of people on Roblox is ~15 mins. (actually, it’s prob around 10 so really you gotta test things out) Or, at least the most popular ones:

I’d start out with 10 minutes, see what testers/players or whoever thinks and then change it accordingly.