How good is my gfx?

So i made some gfx and i was curious what i could improve on ^^



For the first one:
I’d start by bending their limbs and adding some kind of weaponry as props. It’d look better if they looked like they were combat ready instead of pointing at themselves. The text is too plain and I’d start with a completely different font (medieval script kind of font) and added some effects to it. If it comes to the background, it doesn’t really fit the characters. I’d put them into some kind of battle field with a castle in the back.

The only 2 concerns I got for this one is the fact that the picture is simply too grainy. I don’t remember which options you’d have to change tho I recommend playing around with the rendering settings. Lastly, the blue flame (Imm assuming that you were trying to achieve that) that’s on the NPC looks like paint or colorful dirt. Definitely needs a remake.

Bend the limbs and I’d make it as if he’s reaching for the popcorn inside the bag. I’d also tilt the head to make it look like he’s watching the movie instead of looking at the camera. That light that’s shining on him seems to be too strong so I recommend dimming it a little.

You’re doing good so far but you still need some practice when it comes to aesthetics. Keep working on your GFX and trying to achieve the high end goals for each of them and I’m sure that you’ll improve :slight_smile:


I don’t claim to be great at graphic design but the first one is extremely sub par. I don’t need to repeat what Krunnie has said but to add to his analysis, the concept itself is quite poor. Here is an example of where you’ve messed up.

Considering the fact that the second and third examples are much better than the first, I’m beginning to wonder why you even included the first one. To show how much you’ve improved? Eh, anyway…

The latter two examples are much better in regards to how you’ve used Blender and a greater degree of lighting to achieve a much more aesthetic result. That isn’t to say, however, that all the lighting is perfect. For example:

On the second example, the fire is clearly behind her right leg and the bottom of her right arm, but it is in the middle of the top of her arm as well as the middle of her head. This is a small inconsistency but considering the fact that you’ve made the backdrop as minimalistic as possible, I might not be the only person to notice it.

The light in the third example looks a bit flimsy too. Not in an insulting way – just in the fact that it doesn’t look like a real light. The light could be bouncing off parts but instead, it looks like it’s only his character that’s been illuminated (in terms of graphic design), with a light effect shone over him, rather than an actual light with shadows, a path of light, etc.

I hope my critique was clear enough. Overall, your designs look good and in future, I hope to see you as a great graphic designer.

By the way Krunnie, it was completely accidental that I replied to you. :smile:


They look good! Maybe if you had more experience with Photoshop, it would be better,. Just mess around with Photoshop, get used to it!


For the first one, you should try changing the font to a medieval font. (Old fancy script?) and perhaps make the two knights hold something? Besides that, the GFXs looks great!

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