How good is my new game called Robloxia?

Hey Developers!
Please test the game and send feedback on how good or bad it was, and I would also like to thank you for any development tips!

The game:

Thank You, Ppenter1 | Pprog Development team

Perhaps it could use a more original name. for example, Robloxitown. I would also advise against using the old grass meshes at spawn as it makes the game look old. I think those two things would greatly improve it.


First of all the free models, and the garage from jailbreak??? are there scripts?. Also the name is generic, sort of feels like an older game not that there’s anything wrong with that.


I’m going to be honest:
The game doesn’t really look good, the black line at the top is very old and probably suggests you were using some kind of free model. The building is really bad. The music is way too loud and annoying.

This cinema I have seen before:

The tall buildings with neon windows look like a free model.
Try to improve a bit and maybe use less free models


lots of free models slapped together, the dj thing plays across the WHOLE server, a hacker joined and kept flinging people, the mountain was bare, its just needs a whole lot of work

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Yes. I’m going to change the garage, only my brother put it down to have something there.

The neon buildings were built by me and the cinema only halfway. I regenerated it and rebuilt it.

Hacker ??? What was the username? I try to ban him. Thanks!

@budmomo What do you mean he flew? Isn’t anti exploit filtered out?

Anyways, thanks for bug reports! Thats an alfa version of the game, so I will change everything. The generated buildings are only temporary until I build a new one.

Honestly, there are a lot of things that could be changed/improved. First of all, the poor building and free models almost automatically makes me not take the game seriously. Second, I had absolutely no idea what I was supposed to do, you should probably make a small GUI at the start detailing what the game features and what you can do in it. The name is unoriginal, and the black GUI at the top is well… Dated, at best. Improve the building, take out the GUI and free models and I think it will be a solid game.
Hope it goes well, please tell me if I missed anything.

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Thanks for the ideas! The black stripe has already been removed, all that is needed from the generated buildings is that they only serve the purpose of not emptying the city until I build new houses.

@OverPowered62 There are no scripts jet, I making the map first, then the scripts.

@days_lost Thank you. I will try to remake everything, but Iam a scripter, not builder. So I dont have good building skills

it was just a spam of letters and numbers for a throw away account so it doesnt matter, just need to add some anti exploit stuff

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It kicked you, when you pressed shift button? Oh I know, what is the problem. I already fixed it.

This was a common problem. Anti exploit system error.

I updated the game, and remade some stuff. Has this made the game better or worse? Thanks for the feedback.