How hackable is this and how would I fix it

How hackable is storing the players inventory info inside of them and if it is how would I fix it.
This is how its stored:

(i know petroleum is spelt wrong)

Ive seen people mention using modules to make a secure way of storing the players data but I cant figure out away of implementing this and still have other scripts able to read the information. Are there any tutorials or any in depth examples?

As long as you modify the values on the server it shouldn’t be a problem.

I had seen people mention that exploiters can insert scripts into the player and character and I was worried that the values could be changed by them is this not the case?

If the client change the values it will not replicate to the server but if you want to modify it on the client make sure to do sanity check on the server.

You can store the values anywhere and the exploiters still will be able to access them.
However, they can only change them locally.
So, they will see the number they modified but the value won’t change on the server.

To understand the client-server model, you should read this article:

Oh thank you I didn`t know how exactly they can interact with the game this cleared it up for me.

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