How I can build?

I’m bad at Roblox studio building, I would appreciate if you could suggest me some plugins, and especially how you can easily build, this information is very important to me, thanks in advance


You need to build more that the main part to start with.

  • Start small
  • Then big
  • Then middle
  • And hard.

Build your skill up more just by building.

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Thank you very much, I will try!

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Hmm, youtube tutorials and a lot of practice builds like random things, especially in the style you’d like to build in for main. Plugins , in my opinion , are not the answer but they add onto a core building knowledge, which you need to learn. Practice with images and gradually new things like unions. Good luck!

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Thank you very much, I will try!

Please use the search bar, there’s so many post on this it’s crazy.

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Hello there! Depends on your approach, you must understand how styles work, what make them work so good then try to emulate a current style, freestyling it’s for advanced builders who have a feel for the 3D buildings, an advanced builder can freestyle his way out of a task without a lot of references but this is ability gain in time. Easy to follow styles for beginners are the industrial ones usually, because they’re repetitive and you can actually see the shapes in their rough form.

Simple explanation of how this work:

  • 1st Read it’s the simple details that you have to work on, just shapes, nothing fancy.
  • 2nd Read it’s adding the minimal required details in order to achieve a semi realistic perspective
  • 3rd Read it’s adding nuances to the shapes
  • 4th Read it’s the final product with dents and all of the good stuff in order to get the best results

For Roblox you should limit yourself at 2n Read in my opinion. Best of luck!


Hey! I’ve been building since 2017, here are my tips! I use the plugins Studio Building Suite (SBS), GapFill, ResizeAllign, Reflect. I think Studio Building Suite is really good in my opinion, but I also saw a lot of people recommend F3X. I never used F3X but I guess it’s still a good plugin for building. So now that you have some plugins, I’d recommend doing something simple, like a small house or something that’s not that complicated to make. As you make more stuff you will get more experience and a good tip I can give is to use an image as refference for what you build! Good luck

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These plug-ins here are quite handy when you’re building something.

Basically fills the gap between two parts.

Flips the material texture. E;g: wooden planks aligned horizontally can be flipped vertically or vice versa.

Let’s you create a rope with different variables (thickness, gravitational curve…etc) from one point to the other.

Not really a building plug-in but it’s still a very handy plug-in to have when you’re working with terrain. It basically allows you to convert a brick to a terrain chunk.

Do I need to explain this lol.

Let’s you create waterfalls.

Let’s you " cut " away parts of a brick to form a desired shape.

there are not really any good tutorial video’s about the plugin but I myself learnt how to use this plugin via this dagger speedbuild video from @Eppobot here;

The video goes quite fast so I recommend slowing it down and keep a steady eye on his mouse cursor so you know what and why he does it in the video.


Building is simple compared to things like Animation, Graphical Design, and imo, Scripting.

I recommend building anything, and maybe taking reference off of free models, see how others built what they did, and take inspiration from that. The main thing you need to understand is to never, never-ever, get discouraged, I myself have fallen victim to the ‘I need to be as detailed as that!’ mentality, and it can be harmful to say the least. You’ll get better as you build, so don’t get discouraged when you see really detailed models.

And there’s this really cool saying from a developer I watch on Twitch, and that’s; Don’t detail what you make too much, since players can’t appreciate that hyper-level of detail some models have.

Ayy, a fellow UI designer.

When I build things I usually like building from a reference image, It really helped me improve my building.

For building, the way I started was to pick an item from the toolbox and just by looking at it try to recreate it as best as I could. I also really recommend watching speed builds by people like LetsBlox and ModelCreator on YouTube. I also recommend that you watch this video for a few tips. I also just think that the best advice I can give you would be to just keep practicing! You can always post feedback and ask for suggestions here on the DevForums, and it also helps if you try to find ways to give other people feedback, and looking at builds other people have made.

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Hello! I would like to share some tips I use for building with Roblox Studio.

First of all, make sure before you do anything that your building increment is somewhere around 0.25 or higher. (You can find this in the Model tab.) Using 0.1 or 0.01 isn’t recommended by me as your builds tend to get uneven and you have to pretty much use very small increments which can be annoying sometimes to line things up. Some recommended increments I suggest using are:

  • 0.25
  • 0.5
  • 1
  • 2
  • 4
  • 6
  • 12

In addition, I’d first find out a building plan for what you are wanting to build. Then, start to develop it. Don’t worry and try not to think about how much effort it’s going to take, but instead focus on what you’re doing and where you are at currently.

I also recommend building a game and learning as you go. YouTube tutorials can help a little bit with building tips, so I suggest looking there and emulating some helpful plugins, routines, or systems that they use.

Here’s the way I build:

Turn on LegacyOutlines and switch LightingTechnology to ShadowMap (properties of Lighting) for the best experience.

To be honest, you can use good plugins and have lots of advice however, without a passion to build you won’t have much improvement - it will be rather slow. I’d suggest building things that take your interested, don’t try to make anything too big just yet (its okay to be ambitious but try not to get your hopes up) - start with simplistic models and slowly make your way up to more detailed objects. This will give you a sense of achievement for each little model you’ve made. A final thing to say, don’t let any negative comments get you down about your building! Take it as a challenge to better yourself next time and try to look at it as constructive criticism, most people will be supportive though :slight_smile:. Once you have the basics down and are able to produce average models, I’d suggest developing your own style which you should focus on and attempt to master so that you get the best results from it. But its still OK to experiment with styles whilst developing your main, its good to in fact. Best of luck


There’s a great article on this

Precision Building: The Benefits & Getting Started | by Roblox Developer Relations | Developer Baseplate | Medium

Ive also been employing this methodology in my designs, here you can see the first 3 interations where I started with a basic block outline, the second I turned the single parts into six seperate faces to give me my walls and floors, and in the last one I made some of the glass walls/ the curve of my corner wall there.

Im nowhere near complete, but as you can see from this next image, I continue to add details (while working at full scale, I had also made some design changes

My biggest suggestion to new builders is find a building game you can play with some advance building tools and get a sense for different techniques.


This looks amazing so far ! How does the optimization go so far? Are you planning in making interior decorations as well? If so, i’d recommand you using some kind of 3D software ( Blender it’s an actually good software and I think you’re aware of this already) in order to achive the best looks for the best performance. Also i’d recommand to make some textures aswell so it looks out of the Roblox world.

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That’s the plan actually; gonna wait for PBR support, to add texture, but the majority of the build, especially the more “modern” top part will be converted to a mesh. The goal is to support 100+ players, where several “floors” of the building are rendered locally in isolation from the rest of the game to support some customization controls and the like. Currently, its only about 3000 parts.

Building isn’t really something you are amazing at, first try, adventure, build something random, keep practising and doing things, don’t rush it.

try to build something that seems easy when you do , it increases the difficulty I know you have talent and you will do it is a matter of time and patience :))