How i can change the name of a user whit a script "Player List"

Hello, I have been asked if it is possible to change the name of any user of Roblox on the Playerlist
For example, such “User” joins the game and automatically with a script the “User” is changed the name on the player list to him by this “Name”
Is this even possible, and would I have to recreate a player list myself and that the player list is very similar to the one in Roblox or even the same?


It is possible, but i think you need to recreate the whole list and make it totally different. Like… not the roblox default player list, but a custom one.

Is it allowed to recreate the default player list of roblox?

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You could recreate the list as you wish, but changing Player.Name is not possible, to my knowledge. Your permissions class check will fail, because player names can’t be changed (the names of the player objects in game.Players).
You would have to modify the TextLabel in the player list that you create.


Definitely yes. As an example i can show you this game [Its not mine]. Click and hold TAB, players in some teams there have their names totally changed, and the player list looks completely different.

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There, i decided to take a screenshot and show you for ease.
See how some names are just covered? And the player list is different.

But, I just Mean, Just the playername in that game, No in Other games, Or in ROBLOX, Just In that server and game.

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Yes you can change the player names but you will need to create your own list as far as I know. What I would do is disable the default player list which can be done like so:

local StarterGui = game:GetService("StarterGui")
StarterGui:SetCoreGuiEnabled(Enum.CoreGuiType.PlayerList, false)

(Example taken from the wiki, feel free to visit it for more information.)
Then each time a player leaves/joins add an entry to your custom player list but instaid of putting thier actual name on the TextLabel you can put a fake name.

local players = game:GetService("Players")

local function addLabel(name)
	--your code
local function removeLabel(name)
	--your code

local censorList = {
	["jaschutte"] = "CensoredJaschutte"; --add the names of the people you want to censor here and the value after that is thier fake name

	if censorList[plr.Name] then
		addLabel(censorList[plr.Name]) --make sure these 2 are the same!

	if censorList[plr.Name] then

Thanks, I will see if it work.

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Hello, I was trying, But I have a doubt, What means “your code” what code? image
Sorry if i make question very basic, but i’am not scripter.

You’ll need to write your own code there. That’s the part of the UI where the player name is. You’ll need to create a label there, set the text as name, then position the label correctly.
And the other part you’ll need to remove that label. Currently I do not have the time to write the full code sorry, you’ll have to find out yourself! Good luck!


Currently, ROBLOX has no features for modifying their Player List. The only approach to solving your problem would be to create a custom player list. You’d want to first remove ROBLOX’s default player list (this can be done via SetCoreGuiEnabled) I’d recommend using a UIGridLayout to order the player name frames.

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@jaschutte’s code is good, but you will still need to create a ScreenGui that has TextLabels.

This can be rather tricky, and honestly I don’t think its worth it. Is it absolutely necessary to the game?