How I can convert 3D background to 2D?

Hello guys.

Today, I was trying to implement Backgrounds to my 2D game. Funny thing that I wanted to make them 3D, and animate them. And I got this:

(One of backgrounds)

But, sadly, I need to convert them to 2D at some moment, and it’s moment where level ends and you need to askend to next one:

As you can see here, 3D converted to 2D with Viewport frame very badly.

I tried to implement some tricks, which not solved my problem:

(x4 Viewport frames, with transparency 0.5)
Better, than above, but still not good.

Cloning Visualisator Instances x4 times also not worked like I want.

And this lead me to question: is there any way I can “Clone” visualisators current look, and keep it like this on 2D? It won’t be animated on 2D.

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Hmm, can’t you use some blur combined with the viewport?

I tried to put blur effect. It not works at all.

It would work if you used a Surface/Billboard gui.

SurfaceGui’s has a brightness property which might help the look. But for it to appear you need to turn LightInfluence to 0.

What’s about blur?

Blur needs to be put only on image, not planet itself.

Brightness property makes it glow, which should be close enough.