How I can improve this build?

I’m a fairly new-ish builder and I made this 2 story house with custom textures, but I felt like there was something off with the build. Any improvements I can apply on this build?


This looks amazing!

If you’re looking for feedback I think the stairs take up too much room on the outside. I would opt to make them thinner and use supports instead of solid foundation below.

Rough Idea


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Thanks for the feedback, I honestly agree. Do you think I should use unions for this idea?

Looking at this cabin house, it’s great!

I like the furniture inside of it and how well the outside looks, I don’t see a change in this, instead of the stair railing at the top that clips through the part under.

Nice work though! :smile:

The 1st screenshot should have a lot more things in it than just a bed, and the walls need some things on it also, maybe consider these?

  • Bookshelves
  • Paintings
  • Chairs and Tables
  • Drawers

No use parts, Unions imo are a bad habit for building anything more than a single operation.

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The Exterior is Amazing My only critique is the inside.
needs some more of the
DETAILS other than that its a gamer build

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Like the textures however i feel like the textures on the chimney seem to look quite weird. Overall, I think the cabin itself is great. The things that I would work on is the building. I would add some chairs, some hanging lights by the door or possibly some things along the side of the cabin because right now it’s pretty simple. Try adding a different color pallet for the door so it stands out more play around with placing color a bit, add some simple decorations It will add more detail to the build.

I feel like the house is missing something on the roof if you wanted to, you could add a different material - texture for the chimney instead of having it. Basic additions like that can add a lot to your building.

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Excellent, except for the first picture, it looks very bare, probably would make someone go mad if they were locked in there.

Might sound stupid to a skilled builder, but I’m just an intermediate on building, so, here it goes.

  • What is an operation?
  • Why is using unions for building a bad habit?

This is quite a nice build! If you’re looking for some features to add, I would say a kitchen to give it a more homely feel. You can reference off this picture.

Nice build. Maybe you should add a painting or television on the fireplace? Like right here:

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It’s really good I think!

I’d only consider you changing the Material for the Pillow, as Neon doesn’t really look good on it.

On the First Picture, It seemed like the Wall Texture had also been just duplicated, as it looks all the same to me.

Otherwise, nice work!

Please take it our feedback into consideration at least a little bit, I think all together it’d look better.

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The pillow was actually not neon, it was just the light reflecting on the white surface of the pillow, but thanks for the feedback. :slight_smile:

Some of the textures don’t fit, for example the one for the fireplace looks a bit Minecrafty. Otherwise, amazing build.

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