How I can improve this mountain?

Hello, guys. I’m making island. I wanted to make one big mountain to it, and ended up with this 333 meter mountain:
I think it’s boring and empty, so I want to ask you:
What I can do to make it better (In terms of smooth terrain)?

(Note: Trees, bushes are autogenerated, that’s why I’m asking about smooth terrain ideas only)


It almost looks too ‘perfect’.
I’d take a look at pictures of mountains and islands to see how actual terrain looks in real life. You will see there is a pretty wide variety of lumps, bumps, crevices, ridges and other features that will take time to model into your Terrain.

In truth with Terrian I usually just do really rough broad strokes with the tools at large values freehand until I like the basic shape of what I’ve done, then go back with the tools set to smaller values to make the surface more realistic.


Your mountain looks pretty cool in itself, but adding some erosion could make it less boring and empty.

Maybe add some erosion at the base like these for reference:

And maybe some at this portion of the mountain

like this for reference:


So, I made something like this in bottom part. Should I do this erosions higher, or keep their height around like this?

Yea, maybe try doing them a bit higher and vary the height and size of the erosion a bit

like this for an example, but play fiddle around with it and decide how you want it to look

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