How I can make a car?

I want to make a car, I tried to see in youtube (and more) tutorials about how to make a car, but some are the basic way (Seat and parts, with the roblox default car system) and others only car accessory and sit animation,

And I want a tutorial or anyone that can explain how to make a car, but with script, for example, make a random free model works like a car with scripts.

Thanks for reading (if you read all or the important things)

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Yeah first thing that pops up in google is the old hinge and motor system. Here are the tutorials or resources for a car with the newer constraint systems which are simply better (for one they have spring suspension).

This one is more conclusive and overall including scripting:

There is also a Roblox provided one but it’s lacking in the scripting area.

This one is already made and is pretty good too.