How I can make my game succesfull


Making quality things for my game assets lightning etc.

Robux Power

Sponsoring my game with high amounts (I can’t bc I don’t have enough robux for good amounts)

Game Icon, Thumbnails, Name, and description

Famous Power

Make famous people on social media will join my game

Guys, I know All the elements here are important but which one is more important because I trying to make successful games but I can’t help me, please!

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I would say the most important thing is playability because i have seen a lot of games that doesn’t have an high quality, nice game icons or thumbails (and sometimes not good names too) but you still can have fun in those games because you only wanna come back for the fun or playability also i would not recommend to sponsor the game too fast in early development or invite famous people because if an error appears the game will get destroyed with the dislikes making it bad looking and people will not attempt to play the game for the reviews.

If i would try to make a game successfull i would try to make the game able to be played with only one player because people will not join too fast or will be waiting until another player joins, i would invite random players that i have met in games, friends or strangers, and i would ask them their sincere opinion because if they don’t enjoy the game, others players will not too, so you can know what are you doing wrong and what you should make better. After that, keep inviting people and maybe they are going to invite more people making a reaction chain, and maybe if you get a lot of premiun payouts you will be able to make the game sponsored and call more the attention of the public.

In a summary, i think the element more important is the playability not necessary to focus a lot in the quality of the game or how it looks for other people (of course that doesn’t mean that you don’t have to worry about that), you should consider more important if people enjoy it and if they can understand how the game works or else they are not going to attempt to learn how to play it

Hope this helps you!

(sorry if there are some grammatical errors, it’s not my native language)


It can really depend. Everything you listed are ways to boost a game, though there are many aspects that contribute to a thriving game. High-quality assets can definitely make a game look better, though doesn’t automatically make a game successful. Having ‘famous’ people join your game can help boost numbers temporarily and possibly introduce new players to your game (much like sponsoring) but isn’t a long-term strategy and a lot of games that rely on things like that tend to die quickly. Like @vasco2016 mentions, playability is 100% one of the most important things to increase numbers in a game. What you listed doesn’t necessarily make a game popular. Make it an enjoyable experience that players would want to come back to.