How I can make objects fall on server (to prevent cheaters) with physics, if everything other visible only for clients?

Hello guys. I’m making game, and got 1 problem related to replication and physics.
I want some loose items to be affected by physics. As we know, cheaters can fling objects if their physics control is set to clients. But I also can’t make it normally on server because of:
What client see:
What server see:

So, one of things I have implemented is mine parts which exist as “Parts” only for clients, while server sees them only as some value in 5D array. So server won’t be able to normal work with item’s physics. While clients can.

Can someone give me some ideas, what I should do in this situation, to make normal item’s physics and also not allowing to exploiters to make crazy things?

If objects are client-specific, and not replicated to the server, then parts won’t be able to affect other clients as well. Flinging-style exploits depend on that replication to work, which your game seems to not contain.

Sadly, only client-specific thing is “Cave blocks”. Things like mined rocks, dynamite sticks should be visible to other players aswell.