How I could improve this low poly shop?

I would like some feedback on this low poly shop, and how could i improve it

Every feedback is appreciated :+1:



Add some windows to it, it’ll be a nice touch!

Maybe add trash or some dumpsters to make the shop feel more, well, like an actual place.

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More neon details like windows or making the 3d text neon would make it look a bit better. Also i would add more shape to the building rather than just having it a block with a door.

Not gonna lie, it looks cool.

Windows for sure. Maybe more detail to the door as well.

I also feel like something else on the top would make it look less empty. I liked the trash/dumpster idea.

Many thanks! for the suggestions, ignore the electricity thing that is not so realistic.
Here is the improved shop made with your suggestions.


I see that you are going for a city look, maybe you could add a trashcan at the side or make it look more colorful! Other then that, it looks great! :smiley:

I didn’t see that the trashcan replies. So just ignore the trashcan part.

I honestly think it needs more detail! Add door frames, windows, make a brick pattern to make it more realistic… Be creative! Apart from that, you did a great job!

Maybe make the fly’s linger around instead of just slowly go up.

This is a pretty well made shop. There are a couple of pointers I would like to give and address:

First is that there are a few problems when it comes to this build, mainly the overall shape with the building only having one shape I would try throwing a few shapes creating something more unique instead of it being blocky and the vents on the roof looks alright, I’m just not liking the electrical box being placed on there I see there normally at the bottom however I’m sure there other shops that feature them on the roof.

I’d remove or dim down the neon material and just use the normal glass material so create a more cartoon effect. Some windows could be placed on the sides or maybe an exit door, if you look at shop’s they kinda feature these small important objects you’ll see what I am talking about.

In my opinion, this a pretty good build, but personally I would try placing mixed color pallet to the build by either using green and white could work try experimenting with other colors. Another would be to have the roof outline have a more grey-ish color the dark green doesn’t look appealing.