How I could make damage in area (system)?

Ok basicly I was trying to make one tool with one part I named “HitPart” the problem is when you equip the tool he makes your character kinda broken (maybe is roblox physics bc I tried to make anchored and CanCollide = false)

So what I can use for make damage in area using the player character like proximity damage or something like that maybe I could use magnitude?

I tried to see on the dev forum all about doing damage in area without using parts and only using the character but I didnt find anything


I think you could check magnitude of players and find the closest player, check if that player is within ur range variable. But I also think that tool might be fixable, if you could provide maybe a script or video of the issue.


Raycast or :GetPartBoundsInBox(hitbox.CFrame, hitbox.Size, params) or magnitude but I don’t use that, I use getpartboundsinbox and I think most people use it.

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You could use ZonePlus by ForeverHD. It will allow you to find out when a player has entered the zone and then run some code.

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Sorry, didn’t mean to reply to you Winbloo. :sweat_smile:

I only have one script for setup animations and I did the damage script the problem for I ask for what I can use is because I cant have one part inside the character

the part:


You can make a zone using ZonePlus without using a part at all, you would just use the Zone.fromRegion() function instead of

Have you tried setting the Massless property of HitPart to true?

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I didnt know about that property omg thank you.

But I will still make one damage script with magnitude and I will edit this reply later.

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