How i remove virus script?

anyone maybe you have any idea what plugin i use to remove virus scripts?

I haven’t heard of any but I’m pretty sure if there was one it would probably be a virus. You can remove viruses by checking through free models and checking code inside of scripts that seem dodgy.

thanks for your idea, it will help it improve my making scripts

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I don’t use plugins for this because they can get targeted by hackers and backdoors. So here’s some manual ways.

#1 - Using ‘Filter’ in the explorer window

You may enable the explorer by clicking it in the View tab at the top of studio;


After that, you can type ‘LocalScript’, ‘Script’, or ‘ModuleScript’ in the filter box:


Inspect all scripts for require(, loadstring(, and see if they try to use InsertService.

#2 Using ‘Find All / Replace All’

Find All can be located in View > Find All / Replace All.


This can effectively do the same thing as filtering. You can search for require(, loadstring(, and insertservice.


#3 The Last Resort

Remove all scripts and copy your games buildings to a new game. You usually will not have to do this, but if that virus just doesn’t wanna come out, then you might have to.

Hope this helps.

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getfenv is also important to search for, and I would get rid of the parentheses in the search because you can run code without them.

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