How I should make this Clan System?

I’m planning my clan system, so, first, I want a review about how I’m planning this and what I should change:

clan leader send a remote event to the server with the other player name who received the invitation > Server get event and set a value in the player and the value is set with the player with the invitation > Send a remote event to the other player > player receive invitation > accept > send event and check if the clan owner have that value with his name in a server script > send another event and save the clan owner’s Id in the player data > the clan owner recieve the event and save the player ID as a member in a table.

Ok, so this might be confusing and be hard to understand, but what I want to know if how I planned this is ok, if I should change something, since I’m new at creating this kind of big scripts. Thanks for reading :+1:

I think it should be fine to do it the way you’re describing. There’s some details left out about how you determine clan leaders and all in the first place but the general idea of sending clan join invitations using remote events should work as far as I can tell.


What details about how do I determine the clan leader???

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Well, you start out your explanation saying “clan leader sends…”, but you don’t explain how someone gets to be the clan leader in the first place

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Oh, yeah, the game search in the player data if he have a clan. Thanks for asking!!