How import .OBJ to roblox studio by script?

I need a hollow sphere for my skill, I know that it is possible to make a union, but even if it is hollow you cannot stay inside it with the cancollide activated (and I need it to be activated, so the player cannot escape) , and you can’t use meshpart either (the sphere is no longer hollow), so I made a sphere in blender and tried to use plugins to import to roblox studio, but this happened:

Anyone can help on that?

Why you deleted? Lol i need help lmao

This isn’t really scripting but, for the sake of helping, here is what I’d do to try and sort this situation.
First of all, you want a solid sphere with a hollow interior, make the sphere in blender and add a solidify modifier to it. That will give you a sphere with a juicy bit of thickness to bite into.
Secondly, you want accurate collisions on the interior. Roblox Approximates these and iirc it should do the inside of a sphere as well as long as it has thickness (which you gave it with your solidify modifier).
Import it as a normal mesh part and it should work fine.
I’m not sure quite how well this solution will work without trying it myself for ages, but this solution seems to work.


P.S. the brick at the top is just a light source.

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I think Will work, as long player can walk inside with colision enable Will work for me

and how did you make the sphere smooth? usually the blender sphere is kind of checkered

Just set the shading to smooth in blender. Tab into edit mode and find it here

If you use 2.8, I’m not sure but a quick google search should sort you out.

Better export as obj or as fbx?

Doesn’t matter I don’t think but I’d use .obj