How important is GFX (gamepass icons, badge icons, etc.)

When looking at popular games, their badges, gamepasses and developer products often have really beautiful and high quality icons.
image image image (badges of Escape Inflatable Obby)
image (gamepasses of Hospital Tycoon)
But why do they spend so many effort on this or pay a lot of money to hire someone? The thing I’m wondering is, does this have an effect on monetization, playercount, engagement, … or do they just do it because they can? (examples I think might be true: players see a cool badge on someone’s profile so they’ll click it, or if a gamepass has a cooler icon players are more likely to buy it)

image image image image
These are some badges and gamepasses in my game, obviously they’re not very good. I have enough Robux to hire an amazing GFX artist. But is it worth the time to find one and explain everything and would it improve monetization or player engagement?
If someone with experience about this could clarify a bit, that would be appreciated a whole lot. Thanks in advance.


I’d say yes, because that will attract people and make it appealing toward players. You’ll be more likely to sell some more/gain more players

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Thanks for the feedback. I guess then I’ll hire someone. Those type of icons fall under the GFX category right? (just making sure for the talent hub if it’s not too unrelated with roblox :sweat_smile:)

Yep. I’d say they would be classed as GFX (Graphical Effects?)

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Very important, as all these games use the gamepass and devproduct icons in the game itself, so users can see it in the store etc. It attracts the users eye, and will increase those important sales.
Look on talent hub, lots of artists do them. It’ll be under “GFX.”

Honestly I would say it depends on the target audience of your game. Colorful “GFX” could attract younger players to a more light-hearted game. However you could say that for horror or darker themed games aimed at a more mature audience it may not matter as much because GFX are typically quite bright and colorful which contrasts that sort of theme.