How in depth should I go with CFrames?

So I have been really looking into a lot about CFrames and what it all means. I understand all of the basics for CFrames, but I don’t want to go to in depth if I don’t need to. I noticed that the Roblox learn page has a really advanced CFrames tutorial and I got really lost in the middle of it, do I need to know about every little thing about CFrames to use them for games? If so how far should I go in learning about them.

This is the link to what I was talking about.

Yes you should learn CFrames. Learn as much as you can about CFrames. They’re used a lot.

I do understand a lot about CFrames but In the middle of the article they start talking about multiplying matrices together to get CFrames and get really technical, do I really need to know that much?

Nope, you don’t really need to understand that stuff or force yourself to learn it. I didn’t, and I am able to use CFrame fluently.

That’s great! Thanks so much, also do you have any tips on how I could possibly learn these types of things quicker and start using them in my code. I have a little bit of experience in lua, but I am fluent in a few other programming languages.

Well it just really depends on you I’d say. Everyone learns at a different pace. I’d just say keep on reading the articles posted on the Roblox Developer website, if you are confused about something ask here. And actually try to use the stuff you’ve learned inside of your game and experiment around with it.

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