How is my game icon?

Hi all, we had a game logo designed by an artist and then made an icon using it. Here it is:

Unfortunately, our sponsorship’s CTR is incredibly low (0.003%) and it is making me think something is wrong with our icon. Any feedback on it?


Its bland in a way
Other games have the similar style

I hope this helps

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It’s actually a really nice logo and icon, but as @Coolsbloxian said, other games have the same style. To me, unlike an anime game icon or one of those really unique or catchy, bright, and contrasting icons you see on the discover page, I don’t really see myself clicking on an icon with just a logo.

I’d try putting an actual pet or something in the center of the icon other than the logo, as seen in these:

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i took this feedback and changed the icon a bit, added one of the main characters to the thumbnail. is this any better?


Looks really good like this!

Just to refine this version, I suggest making the lighting on the character more vibrant and less bright. It looks very flat right now and doesn’t match the logo.

I would also recommend using the original logo and background from the first image but putting the girl on that instead of a whole different logo. IMO the original logo looks better than the one on this image.

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Its nice, but you just have words. They can read words at the bottom of the thumbnail, but this picture is intended to show off your game. Its a billboard. Nobody says “come to my store” on a billboard. They show what the store sells.

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lowered the saturation and contrast a bit to get it back to about the original but i kept the strokes to make it pop more: