How is Pictorial Noise Implemented?


I’m trying to achieve a slight visual distortion effect in terms of quality, commonly seen in some horror games. Unfortunately, I don’t have the slightest clue on how to reach such an effect:

As clueless and naive as I am, I tried messing a bit with game.Lighting and some ColorCorrectionEffects as well as researching, but I had no luck. Does anyone have an idea on how to acquire this visual effect?


You could try having a semi-transparent ImageLabel over the entire screen with that as a texture.

(Note: I said try. That might look bad)


You could try manually doing this with frames but uuhhh that may not be very performant. You could try using images, like has already been suggested (for best appearance, use the Tile ScaleType and don’t have your original image be bigger than 1024x1024 as that is the max image asset size).


I don’t think there’s any good way to do this at the moment. Would be cool to see many more effects added!


You could try positioning transparent glass block parts over the decal at different positions very fast coloured desaturated blues, greens and purples.

It’d make parts of the image disappear but it may look something like it’s glitching.

You cool could also try splitting the image into many segments and moving them around slightly.


Depends! What you’re trying to convey is the person’s state, and the surroundings feel. Eg. You want the character to feel disoriented, fearful, and the environment to be dark, menacing. With this goal in mind you could:

  • Play around with the Camera FOV (to imply that the player is disoriented)
  • Darken the entire map, making it seem a lot more scary
  • And add more effects in either genre to further give the correct vibe!

In the following picture, I’ve added blur and a greater FOV for disorientation. Made the map darker and added a great amount of fog for the menacing touch.

Just remember your goal, and work off from that.


Thanks for all the suggestions everyone. That being said, the effect is already present in a few Roblox games such as Silent Dark by Zeekerss

For now I will try implementing all of your suggestions, but I will most definitely still be accepting suggestions/solutions.