How is the Roblox message filtering?

If I send a Roblox message (the type you start by clicking “message” next to “Add friend” on someone’s profile), and Roblox thinks something is inappropriate, will it be cencored and tagged, or will they warn me first?

I want to send a very professional message to a Roblox user, and I feel like it is very important for it not to get hashtagged, as then I would need to go back, delete it, then paste the text into a new one and then write it again in another way and possibly have to do it over and over again making me look like a spammer for the other person

I have tried looking up “chat filter tests”, but they are for chats not messages. I do not want to take the risk as I can not just simply edit the message afterwards from what I have seen/read at least

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I’d suggest making an alt account and use that as a “proofreader”, just make sure it’s age is set appropriately to your end recepients filtering settings. ( Since if the recipent is <13 the filtering is a lot more strict than a 13+ account.) basically send you message to the alt then check to see what is censored, once you’re happy with the final messgae, send it to your final recipent.

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Thank you! I’m going to try that.

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