How is this door in only one single union?

As the title suggests, I want to find out how is it possible for someone to put everything into one union instead of grouping the parts together. The door itself contains 9 parts, however, those 9 parts are not shown. Is there an explanation and possibly how to even do this?

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I think you can just select all the parts of what you are making, then click Union.


Though that can be the case, the parts seems to have different colors which I cannot seem to achieve.

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I mean like when you are building something with different colors you can still press Union but you won’t be able to change the color once it’s union.

Yea but in my case (take this door for example), whenever I try to union it, it becomes a single color instead of the two that’s present, or in cases the parts just disappear.

Oh, then I dont know how that could’ve happened.

Union also known as Solid Modeling is a feature that conjoins multiple parts into one part, it doesn’t work like grouping.

  • When grouping parts they are all connected to a Model.

  • When using Union they are all one Part and not connected to a model.

  • if you want to achieve color differences in the union you have to do it before you union.
    However, the material shall stay the same.

Here are the steps of creating it:

I hope this helps you with your problem

For more information about Unions Click Here

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Last I checked UsePartColor is turned off, still I get missing parts or single colored unions for whatever reason

Part of me thinks that it could possibly be a corrupt union, not sure if that’s the case

If you get missing parts, then it’s possibly a corrupt union.

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Guess that explains it, seems like I have to redo it all again. Thanks for the help!

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textures will only be change not colors

Unions are able to create multi-color parts, however the transparency and material of all of the parts must be the same.
If they aren’t it will change them.

I wouldn’t reccomen turning that door into a Union that is a bad practice that you will regret.

Yep, eventually gave up afterwards because I’m putting a script for it as a sliding door. Unions apparently make the whole door glitch in and out and when I removed everything leaving just 1 single part to act as a door, it worked smoothly as expected