How is this GFX?

How is this. This is my first blender (2.8) GFX. What version of blender should I use? I have made GFX with just roblox studio moon animator. So yeah any feedback?

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Thanks, 24k_Remz


Its pretty good for a beginner, I am not an artist but I think you can do better than that just keep practicing and you will become better :smiley:

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Extremely good, as a begineer! I am a GFX Artist and UI Designer! I use blender 2.8 as that is really good and usually recommended and very easy to learn. There is too much noise in the background, you may lower that, but if you like it you don’t have to. Background is good! I think you have rendered this in eevee, if you didn’t change it, you probably rendered it in blender render. I suggest you render it in cycles. Cycles render makes your gfx much more better! It adds much more effect and detail! To be honest, great work, for the lighting, you may go watch tutorials on HDRI lighting. HDRI lighting is really insane, so yeah I suggest you use it.


Firstly, there is way way too much noise

Secondly, Use HDRI Lighting next time, or you can use rim light well whatever looks good

Thirdly, Always do POSTPROCESSING! It is worth it! Photoshop is an app I use for postprocessing, it just makes your gfx better.

Finally, Use paintrigv3 because it is much smoother!


maybe more lights would be nice


im using paintrigv3. and thank you for feedback. also photo shop is too expensive

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You don’t only have to use photoshop there are other softwares to use without photoshop for post processing. Photoshop is just an example


Also cycles is just an option sometimes it looks better in cycles than in ever or whatever. You can go to rendered mode and check. For my one, eevee is better than cycles

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It’s not that bad on general but lighting can improve as there isn’t even any shadows there

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kind of too blurry, you need smooth body, not so massive effects, less bright lighting, fix camera posing, and try to improve your character design to match your backgrounds.

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Good job! I liked the background and this is great to a beginner, And in my opinion I recommend the latest Blender version to make renders and GFXs but don’t give up, it’s great!

Tip: Try using HDRs for lighting and use Cycles for rendering which helps in the quality of the render.


Do you mean the blender 2.9.1 or something?

The latest blender version is 2.93.4.

There are many tutorials on blender the latest version! I recommend you to use one blender 2.79 or 2.8 and then slowly move on to the latest version. The only difference between the versions are the tools are in a different place than usual and a few bug fixes.

*There aren’t many tutorials on the latest version I meant

Yea, 2.93.4 is the latest version. if you want I can send you some tutorials on how to render in 2.9 but other versions like blender 2.79 or 2.8 are good too. I started rendering in 2.79 because of a tutorial I had seen but in my opinion I recommend you version 2.8/2.9

yes there are, the only difference that caused a slight commotion was 2.79 to 2.8 because of the shortcut keys and ui change. 2.93 is the same appearance as 2.8 but more optimized and better options. Unless your computer can’t support it then there is no reason to be using older versions.

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Well, true but I use blender 2.8, just cuz blender 2.9 whatever would be harder to learn for me as I already started with blender 2.8.

if you read what i said, there isn’t a massive change like it was from 2.79 to 2.8. Your not going to need to relearn anything it’s just a more improved version from the 2.8 series

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If you think about 2.79 to 2.8, I kind of had to relearn everything. Didnt really know where the tools or anything where, so I just messed up. But I’ve never tried blender 2.9 so it might just be the same as 2.8, but a few minor differences. Just my opinion.

I am using 2.93 and like i said for the 3rd time it’s just the same appearance with a few upgrades it’s not a “Maybe” or “I think” that’s just what it is, no point in not upgrading and just deleting the order version

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