How is this giant door cutscene?

Been creating a small cutscene, I want any improvements or critisicm pls.
Credit to: @CrisppyTacos for building the place btw


Thats pretty neat, maybe the glow from the opening door could be brighter, overall looks :+1:.


Overall i like it but u can add like depthoffield effect and the animation start from slower to fast

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Yep, I did do that but the lights and neon go through the union for some reason. Pretty weird… Lol.

thats not so giant, reported, disliked, blocked, banned, kicked, told the police!!!

jokes aside, it looks really good!


Lol, thanks. :heart:

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Perfect, there is nothing bad about it, good job.

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Only thing it’s missing is a screen shake.

It could be cool if when you said it, it would start shaking and then change the camera and keep shaking until the door is fully open.

It still looks very nice! Keep up the awesome work.

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Adding up to that, you could achieve that with ezCameraShakes EZ Camera Shake ported to Roblox

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I think that this is very well made and does not seem to have any issues. :+1:

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That’s pretty cool! I like it alot.

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