How is this sort of lighting made?

How is one able to create lighting like this, Any help will be appreciated love the atmosphere of it


Could you be a bit more specific? Are you referring to the windows or the scene lighting in general?

If you’re referring to the windows with a gradient effect it is a simple case of using a trick with the Decal properties!

How to do the gradient windows

Decals and Textures have a really nifty Property called Color3, it dictates a sort of tint to add onto the image, default is 255, 255, 255, White. However, you can actually go higher than white!
Going higher than 255 will brighten up the decal against darkness, and even bloom if passing your set threshold; below are 3 different decals with different Color3 values, middle decal is selected as an example to show what the Properties look like:

The left image is using as values 1400, 500, 500, so you can still use the tinting function even when overpassing white. Note that light has interesting effects on it, here it is with some purple OutdoorAmbient:

As you can see, it sort of adds another tint effect on top.

Hope that helps :^)

If you weren’t referring to that specific thing, sorry ¯\.(ツ)./¯